Setting Up Your Blog

Mar 2, 2013
Setting Up Your Blog

Blogging is a lucrative source of profit and blogs are easy
to set up and maintain. Imagine a life where you are paid
to write on stuff that interests you, whenever you want,
wherever you are. The mere flexibility of blogging makes it
easy for you to just kick back, relax and go on a vacation
whenever you feel like it.

In this article, we are going to look into the
profitability of a blog and set up a blog of our own at no
cost! Interested? Read on!

First, we need to obtain a blog. There are several options
– host a blog on your own domain or get a free blog. For
starters, let’s talk about the free blogs. You can obtain a
free blog at or the newer (and better!) If you are a techie, you must have heard
of Wordpress, a free blog engine that is robust and
infinitely expandable. is actually owned by Google, so it will be
detected on Google’s radar faster and you will be indexed
faster., however, is a relatively new option
so I have no comparison on the speed of getting indexed by
search engines. However, Wordpress is better in the sense
that it has more advanced features such as Trackbacks and
Categories. You can also manage your sidebar links more
efficiently (more about this later).

Get a free blog at either
( or Wordpress
( Then, familiarize yourself
by posting your first post on your blog and tinkering
around with the options and templates.

Here are a few common “blog-related” words to help you out:

1)   Permalink – Permalink stands for permanent link, which
is a URL (uniform resource locator) that leads to an
individual post that you make in your blog.

2)   Trackback – When you post about someone else’s blog post
elsewhere, your post will show up in their “trackback”
section. This feature, however, is not available with a account.

3)   Pinging – Blogging seems to be paired with pinging
almost every time either one is mentioned nowadays. Pinging
is actually the action where a certain aggregator is
notified whenever your blog is updated, so that the
aggregator may show the newest post of your blog on their
website. This is a useful way to gaining traffic, which we
shall discuss later.

For now, I shall leave you testing out your new blog and
the features that come included with it. In the next
articles, we shall discuss the many ways we can gain profit
from a blog, as well as tips on how to write posts that
keep visitors glued and keep coming back for more!