Video marketing with YouTube for real estate inves

Nov 2, 2013
Social media is without a doubt one of the fastest ways to bring red hot leads right to your door. No matter what industry you are in, your target audience is out there right now just waiting for your product or service; you just have to get their attention. So how do you that? The answer is simple: leverage the power of video on YouTube.

Why YouTube?
Because people love video! Given the choice between reading a long, boring article and watching a captivating video, which do you think your audience is going to choose? Plus with video, you can invoke positive emotion in your prospect, and link that emotion to your products and services. I personally use videos on YouTube and my site for a variety of reasons, including introducing myself as an internet marketing and technology expert.

Creating a video and uploading it to YouTube is only part of the process though. If you want to maximize your YouTube traffic and generate more leads, you need to have a solid game plan. Follow these steps and watch your traffic explode:

1 -- Encourage Comments on Your Videos
At some point in your video, usually towards the end, always ASK your viewers to leave a comment. Not only will more comments improve your video’s ranking and lead to more viewers and more traffic, but it also helps to build your reputation in your niche. People are always drawn to others that actually listen to what they say. If you show your viewers that their opinion matters, then you will gain their trust and that is going to translate into more leads and more sales.

2 -- Optimize Your Tags and Keywords
Always make sure that you are adding specific tags and keywords to your videos when you upload them to YouTube. If you upload a video of a walkthrough for a property in Charleston, South Carolina, make sure to have tags like “Charleston SC property for sale” or “Charleston home for sale” -- the more specific the better. You will also want to include those keywords in the description of the video, which makes your video easier to find when users search on YouTube or Google. This method can help you get high ranking on YouTube – I call it localized video optimization. The localized video optimization is great because when people look for a local entity, they usually type the name of the city. For an example, visit YouTube and search for “online promotion Los Angeles”.

3 -- Start a Discussion with Your Video
You never want to just lecture your audience. You want your videos to become an interactive experience. Draw your audience into the discussion by asking them questions in your video and soliciting their opinions. As an example, if you are in real estate, ask them what they think of the property you are showing, what ideas they have for improving it; whatever is appropriate to the video you made. When you get your audience to actively think about your video, they are far more likely to become a lead.

4 -- Build a Network of Friends
Interact with the people commenting on your videos. Invite them as friends, watch videos that they post and comment on them. Networking on YouTube is just like networking offline (or on Facebook). The more you network, the more traffic your videos are going to get. And more traffic can potentially translate into more profit.

5 -- Weigh in on Popular Videos
Respond to popular videos on YouTube by posting a video response of your own. Popular videos on YouTube receive tons of traffic, and if you can capture even a small fraction of that with your video response, you will increase your traffic significantly.

6 -- Consistency is Key
If you want to keep your momentum on YouTube, you need to be consistent in adding videos regularly. If you’ve got a new property, shoot a quick walkthrough. If you’ve got some ideas on real estate investing tips, shoot a video and share them with your audience. Keep adding relevant videos to your YouTube channel on a regular basis and your traffic will snowball. What if you don’t have time to create videos on a daily basis? No problem. Just shoot a long video 1 day a month. Then, during the same day, edit the video into many pieces and simply post each piece per day. If daily upload sounds too much too, then at least post a video a week.

7 -- Don’t Imitate, Innovate!
In order to get the most out of every video, don’t imitate what others are doing. You need to stand out from the crowd in order to really take your YouTube traffic to the next level. Making your videos as interesting as possible keeps your audience coming back for more. To get ideas, look at videos in your niche and look for ways to improve on what others are doing. As an example, if you are in the field of real estate, you can always create a simple online show about real estate. Such show would make you look like an expert and will definitely bring you traffic. Take a look a sample about buying real estate directly from banks (REOs).

8 -- Optimize Your YouTube Channel
When people find your videos for the first time, many of them will visit your YouTube channel and check out your bio. Make sure that your channel is visually appealing and that you have a solid bio. It shouldn’t be “salesy” at all though. Speak to your audience; tell them how you can help them achieve their dreams. Be real - as Rumi once said, “Appear as you are, Be as you appear”.

Look, there is nothing magical about improving your traffic with YouTube. It’s all about having a game plan and sticking to it. Do that and you will have more leads then you know what to do with. But that won’t happen if you don’t take action. Stop thinking about it and just do it! It will take serious effort to get serious results. But you already knew that! Also feel free to use YouTube videos in your site for your own online marketing. See you on YouTube!