A Millionaire lifestyle without having millions

Aug 17, 2015
You don't need to make millions to have a million dollar lifestyle. What if in 3 months or less, you could bring in an extra $3000 to $5000 a month while keeping your current job? What if you only needed to spend 15 hours a week (2 hours every evening and 5 hours during the weekend) for this extra income? With this bonus income, you can afford to drive a Maserati ($800 lease/mo), take a 3 day vacation once EVERY month ($700/mo), join exclusive, top-of-the-line resort health clubs ($150/mo), take the family out for the best in fine dining once a week ($700/mo), and even upgrade where you live! Yes! Even just an extra $3000 to $5000 a month can give you the lifestyle of a millionaire. So why is it that the vast majority of the population spends 15 hours a week watching TV instead of launching their own business?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were over thirty thousand non-employer firms (i.e. 1 person businesses/entrepreneurs) in the US who made over one million dollars a year in 2013! Over 200,000 1-person operations made between half a million and a million dollars! Most of these people had no fancy degrees from fancy colleges, nor did they start with lots of money and wealth.

With a willingness to commit, take risks, and work hard, anybody can start a business based on their passion and reap the rewards. Keep your 9-5 job for security, skip 15 extra hours of Netflix and start building your business. That’s all it takes! With enough success you’ll be able to escape the 9-5 lifestyle and truly live the way you want to – the way you are meant to. Do it because you are worth it....

Digital Fusion Business Services can offer you:

?   Online Reputation Management: Utilizing the skills below, we handle the entire online marketing side of your business. We work to cultivate positive online brand recognition and work to mediate and neutralize any negative publicity. Our number one goal is to make your company number one.
?   Business Branding: Through cohesive design and the creation of various multimedia content, dispersed over a number of different platforms, we create a strong identity for you and your company.
?   Web Design: We will set up and populate a number of websites for your company. By creating a large number of websites, the chance that one of your sites comes up at the front of search results increases. We will work with you to create a design and feel for your websites that works for you. We handle everything so you can focus on business.
?   Online Advertising: We are in charge of getting your message out to customers. You have an amazing product. We help everyone find it. As the internet becomes more and more multimedia-based, we are at the forefront of advertising across a variety of channels including text and email blasts, image advertisements, and video sales pitches.
?   Search Engine Optimization: SEO has been one of the most important online marketing strategies for a while. People need to be able to find your company, which means it needs to rank high in search engines. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms which means SEO techniques are constantly changing. We keep track of the trends to keep your page on top.
?   Social Media Marketing: Social media has become essential to online businesses. It is the best way to connect with potential customers online and to spread the word about your business. We create company specific sites across all the most popular social media sites. We fill the pages with photos and information and continue the strong brand image from your websites to your social pages.
?   Offline Marketing: While having lost much of its efficacy, offline marketing is not lost yet. We utilize offline marketing strategies that remain current such as direct marketing campaigns to make sure your company reaches every possible market.
?   Lead Generation: Using the best strategies available, we work tirelessly on lead generation for you company. Through advertisements and email campaigns, we pull in clients.
?   PR and Media Exposure: Our clients have been featured on major TV news channels and in major newspapers. We create a compelling story about you and your business and then reach out to journalists to get you and your company featured.
?   Graphic Design: We create high-quality graphic design work for your web pages, brochures, and newsletters. Additionally we can provide professional photography and photo editing to make sure you and your business look your best.
?   Blog Creation: Google’s current algorithm promotes websites that are new, relevant, and loaded with top-of-the-line information. To keep your pages current, we will create and update blogs for you. These blogs can distribute content throughout social media and to your main pages. Not only will Google reward your pages with high search engine rankings, but customers will be drawn to your page as a resource in your particular field.
?   Content Writing: As part of content creation for your blogs and social media, we have expert writers that will create specialized articles just for you. Our writers use subtle SEO keyword placement to improve search engine rankings while still keeping the articles useful and relevant to potential consumers.
?   Video Marketing: Video is one of the most engaging mediums. It can provide text, sound, and visuals all at once and delivers a large amount of information in a short period of time. Through a more personal connection, it creates emotion within viewers which, in turn, creates a bond between them and your company. We handle video production for your company to capitalize on this essential tool.
?   Local Marketing: Through specialized keywords and unique marketing tactics, we can get your company to the top of search engine rankings for your specific city and beyond.
?   Success Coaching: Koz has 20 years of experience guiding all sorts of professionals on running their businesses. We offer guidance, structure, and organizational skills to get your company streamlined for success. Koz has developed a special 3 month program to take your business to the next level!