The Ultimate Secret to Marketing Conversion!

Aug 23, 2015
I just had a great talk with a very successful business owner who routinely stays at Pelican Hills Resort in Newport Coast. We met a few times in the past since the café here happens to be one of my office locations. LOL! He was not happy with his firm’s marketing ROI and was asking me about my own opinion about promoting enterprises in this new digital economy.

I told him all about various forms of marketing including many areas within the general categories of online marketing, offline marketing and mobile marketing. But I also told him about what I believe is the most important thing that firms and executives are missing in their mission and corporate marketing plans. The issue of authority and brand...

For every ‘point’ that you make to increase your firm’s reputation, brand and authority, you can expect to decrease your marketing expenses by 2 ‘points’ or more. In plain English, if your firm is seen as the authority in your industry and that you have built rapport, trust and empowering relationships with your customers, you will have less and less need for spending money on advertising, marketing and PR. The reason being is that everyone knows you and trusts you and as a result, they become your firm’s brand ambassador.

Focus on building authority for your business instead of spending so much money on old and tired methods of marketing such as radio and TV advertising, PR and other similar areas that are so 1990s! The success comes through adaptation to new realities of this wild, wild world of digital age!