Why You Should Hire A Business Coach!

Sep 1, 2015
According to Digital Fusion Business Services’ CEO, Koz Khosravani, one of the best parts of owning a company is the ability to make all of the choices. It is also one of the biggest downsides and stumbling blocks. Running a business involves juggling a huge amount of variables. Handling all of those pieces on your own can mean certain areas fall behind. One of the best ways to keep on top of all your business-related responsibilities is to hire a business coach.
Just like an athletic coach, business coaches are in charge of offering their advice, opinions, and expertise to help their clients reach their full potential. Running a business is stressful and can be lonely. Having someone there supporting you and doing everything in their power to get you through difficult situations can be a huge relief. Business coaches have years of experience making all sorts of businesses succeed. They have gone through and seen what works and what does not so that you do not have to make the same mistakes.
Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach
•   Running a business has many components. Business coaches help you manage and organize all of the components so you do not miss anything. They help you to focus on what is most important so you do not get too overwhelmed thinking about every single responsibility.
•   Business coaches will hold you accountable. Being the boss can be great, but it means there is no one over your shoulder making sure you keep up with your goals. Business coaches will help you set attainable goals and make sure you are held accountable for reaching those goals. They can also offer ideas and alternatives if a major occurrence makes a previous goal impractical.
•   Change in inevitable. Any number of things can happen that influence the success of a business. Many business owners learn how to run their business in one way, but when circumstances cause that method to stop working, they do not know what to do. Business coaches have worked with businesses in all environments. They have seen most of the changes that can happen and can offer experienced advice on how to tackle anything life throws at you.
•   Friends and family can be great for advice, but they have one major limitation. Your friends and your family want to make sure you and they stay on good terms. They may avoid giving advice if they think it will upset you. Business coaches, on the other hand, will offer an unbiased assessment of your business handling. They can help you identify areas of personal strength and weakness.
•   Talking situations through can be a great way to work through problems. Sometimes a problem does not require coached advice. A lot of problems only need you to talk it through to be able to see the solution. As guaranteed confidential sounding-boards, business coaches are great even just as listeners.
How to Choose a Good Business Coach
The most important qualities to look for in a business coach are (a) someone who listens, (b) somebody you can trust, and (c) somebody who has a proven track record of successful coaching.
Your business is your business. A business coach should not be taking over your business and running it their way. Business coaches should be an aid to help you improve the way you run your business. Having a coach that listens to you makes sure your business heads in the direction you want. Their advice should be on how to perfect your method but should never cut you out of the decision process.
Because the main purpose of a business coach is to provide advice, you need to trust them. There is no point paying for advice that you do not trust. Make sure to talk to potential business coaches before you hire them. Ideally, you should meet them in person to get the best sense of them as a person. Most business coaches offer free initial consultations. Take advantage of that offer. You will be spending a lot of time with your business coach; you should feel comfortable with them. Face-to-face meetings are a great way to establish initial trust.
After you find business coaches that you get along with, the next step is to check whether they have proof of their expertise. See if they have testimonials from previous clients. Ask about how many of their past clients have ended up successful. Trustworthy business coaches will have impressive statistics, but will also be honest about times things did not work and why. Business coaches are not regulated but there are a number of credentialing services such as The International Coach Federation. Check whether your potential business coach has certifications from any coaching credentialing association. Also find out how long they have been a coach and what got them into the business to gauge their level of experience.