The Do’s and Don’t’s of Backlinks

Nov 2, 2015
To stay up-to-date with SEO, online reputation management expert Koz Khosravani emphasizes the importance of backlinks to your site. However, as Google’s algorithms advance, efforts to generate backlinks should be done carefully to avoid penalties.
   The first step to properly generate backlinks is to familiarize yourself with what techniques cause penalties from google. According to Google’s support page, their algorithm is able to catch when people are buying or selling links. This can be exchanging link posts with various other sites or exchanging money for links, money for posts with links in them, providing goods or services to get links, or sending someone a “free” product so that they will write about it and link back. Partner pages that contain a high amount of cross links can also bring about penalties. Google will look for high-volume article posting or guest article posting with keyword laden titles as a warning sign as well. They will definitely penalize any website they find using automated services to generate links
   They also penalize:
“text advertisements, advertorials or native advertising where payment is received for articles that include links, links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites, low-quality directory or bookmark site links, keyword-rich, hidden or low-quality links embedded in widgets that are distributed across various sites, widely distributed links in the footers or templates of various sites, and forum comments with optimized links in the post or signature.”
Google’s algorithm is also very perceptive when it comes to relevancy. Backlinks that look out of place among the content of the page will result in penalties. Additionally, a great amount of backlinks from foreign countries or in foreign languages will be a red flag to Google.
   Make sure backlinks are legitimate and useful. Google’s algorithm favors websites and activity that is valuable and relevant. They penalize people trying to seem important for the sake of search engine rankings, so for the best chance of not being penalized, make sure your backlinks are as legitimate as possible.
   Legitimate backlinks can come from a number of places. The best way to generate new backlinks is through providing new, interesting, and well-informed information. The more places you can saturate your unique and helpful content, the more Google will move you up in rankings as a valuable contributor.
   This means you need to write good quality content for your own websites and as a guest on other pages. To find websites looking for guest authors, check websites that are major resources in your specific field. See if they accept guest authors and ask if they would let you write for them. You can also search for websites by using terms like “guest writer” and “guest contributor” plus keywords that relate to your specific field.
   Make sure your content is high quality, both to be approved by Google and to generate positive buzz among the readers. Interested readers will like and share your post which will allow for more traffic. This will also make the hosting website happy and more likely to invite you back. Readers may also be interested enough to look up your information and try to find more of your content, including your main page.
   Be careful not to make your bio for guest posting too overladen with keywords or anchor text. Adding social media links to your bio allows people to find your personal content without looking unnatural or suspicious to Google’s algorithm. You should also share the content you write for other websites on your social media to continue to generate traffic. To Google, it will just appear that you are keeping your various followers up-to-date on your activities.
   You can also download a service called “Monitor Backlinks.” This service works with Google Analytics and allows you to put in competitor websites to find out what backlinks they have. This can help you figure out what websites are good targets for creating backlinks for your particular industry.
   Keep an active presence on blogs and forums that relate to your field. Make sure you read the articles you comment on and provide high-quality responses. Posting lots of generic comments will alert Google that you are probably fishing for backlinks. Good responses, however, will earn you credit among your peers and is a great way to network. As people learn to respect your input, they may link back to your website.
   Joining a question and answer service can also be beneficial. Sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora allow the public to ask questions and users will provide answers. Proving that you have quality answers improves your online image. You can become an important resource on these websites and generate followers and friends. After you answer their question, people may want to ask you specifically for further information which results in traffic and possible link backs if they want to share you as a helpful resource.
   For the best search rankings, you need backlinks. Hopefully these tips will help you get started on creating successful backlinks. For people with trouble handling SEO themselves, online reputation management companies, such as Digital Fusion Business Services in Laguna Beach , are ready to help get your company to that coveted first page.