Capitalize on Social Media Marketing

Jan 4, 2016
Social media has over taken the internet and businesses need to cash-in says online reputation management company president Koz Khosravani. Social media is an excellent way to get your company known and can be a relatively simple process. The most important thing to keep in mind for social media is to stay active and do your research.
According to Globalwebindex, about 45% of all internet usage is for social media purposes. Without social media, your company is missing out on crucial views. When people find a website traditionally, they search out relevant information and a search engine recommends a selection of options. They then choose the option that looks best to them. Social media, on the other hand works, in an exponential fashion. Imagine that same person finds a company’s Facebook page. They like the company, so they add a “like” and repost an interesting article from the company. Every one of their friends will now see that “like” and reposted article. Any one of those people could then go check out the page and add further views and “likes.” They could also repost the article to their pages for every one of their friends to now see. This process can be repeated over and over, showing that one company to a huge amount of viewers.
Understanding the need for social media is simple – effectively using it is a little bit more complicated. Just like your main website, all of your social media sites need to be optimized with keywords for both search engine optimization and optimization through social media itself. Most social media sites have their own internal searches that rely on tags and hashtags to locate content. Including SEO keywords and site-specific tags will make your company easy to find through big google searches and through site-specific searches.
Search engines of all types will penalize people they think are trying to cheat the system. For search engines like Google, this means things like overly packing content with keywords. For social media sites, it usually means tagging your content with irrelevant tags in hopes that people will find you no matter what they search. The best way to make sure your social media sites utilize search engine friendly content is to identify what user interests are. Tailor content that is relevant to your company to current issues and trending topics. As long as your actual content remains relevant, your company can profit on popular interests without triggering penalties.
Social media is a great way to enhance your brand’s image. Keep all of your social media sites using the same aesthetic as your main site so people will begin to identify that look with your brand. It will also help customers know that they are on your particular social media page and not a page with the same name.
The reason people use social media so often is because the content is always updating and people are always around to connect with. This means you need to post often and communicate with your customers. Content should be interesting and draw people in. There can be a few solely marketing posts, but if that is all your social media is, people will lose interest. By adding interesting content, you can draw in a wide audience of people and keep them coming back to your sites. People will want to ask you and your company questions and make comments on your social media pages. Replying to these comments creates a positive relationship with the commenters and others who read the interactions. Especially witty, funny, or helpful replies may even be rewarded with a repost by impressed viewers. Companies that do not respond to comments can generate a negative image and people will be less invested.
People are visual creatures. Adding pictures and pictures to text posts will draw people in much faster. They will get a general sense of topics without have to take time to scan a text preview or assume from a header. Adding pictures of you and your team is a great technique, as well. This gives a face to the company and appears friendlier to customers. They know they will be dealing with a person or persons rather than automated responses.
Social media is a great way to create engagement among your customers. Asking them questions, putting up polls, and requesting feedback can be a great way to find out what your customers like best, while also making them feel included. Giveaways and contests are another great way to generate buzz and to gain new followers. Everyone loves free stuff and is more willing to add likes and follows for a company that offers them the chance at free things. Offering special deals for followers can also be the tipping point between someone just looking at your social media and taking the next step of “liking” or following.
Social media also creates a perfect opportunity for networking. After making sure your social media content is high-quality, take up trying to connect with people who are already succeeding socially in relevant fields. Connections with successful people can create great opportunities and they can provide advice. Additionally, if they value your content they might repost it, exposing it to their already well-established fan base.