Jump into the Digital Age with Video Marketing

Mar 1, 2016
The digital age adds a whole new range of marketing potential says Koz Khosravani of Digital Fusion Business Services. Companies that are only using traditional marketing techniques are missing out on a huge selection of potential customers. This technology-dependent area opens the door to a plethora of multimedia possibilities. One of the best online marketing techniques is the use of video marketing.
Video marketing today succeeds in the same ways that traditional TV commercials were successful. The distribution and techniques for online video marketing, however differ quite a lot from TV marketing. The strengths of video marketing come from the different ways people engage with the world. People look and see, they hear, they touch. Text is a great way to deliver information, but blocks of text are more likely to put off people than attract them. Photos draw people’s attentions but cannot provide much information.
Videos have visuals, both still and moving, and audio, both music and spoken word. They draw people in and can deliver a large amount of information in a small period of time.
According to studies by Michael and Elena Deza, 65% of the population are visual learners. Videos are a perfect way to deliver information to these learners. The other types or learners are auditory and kinesthetic. Videos benefit auditory learners because of the audio component to videos. Videos that combine written information with spoken information address both visual and auditory learners. Kinesthetic learners connect information with movement and action. Videos are a more active form of media utilizing movement that text and photos cannot. Therefore kinesthetic learners benefit as well.
SEOmoz.org posted a number of statistics about the importance of video marketing. Video marketing keeps viewers on a page longer than other forms of media by a significant margin. People stayed on pages with video a third longer than pages with just text and pages with text and images. While text and photos generate a lot of shares (far more than just text), video has even greater numbers of shares across a number of social media platforms. Posts with videos get far more Facebook likes, tweets, and Google +1’s.
Posts with videos also do better in search engines because the videos show up as an image next to the informational text. Pages with this additional image tend to receive more clicks from searchers. Posts with videos also tend to get pushed up in search engine rankings. The more multimedia a page is the more a page receives ranking boosts, but including video in the multimedia content increases rankings faster than anything else.
Videos should be used to deliver a message. They should end with a call to action, even a simple one. Videos with disjointed information might interest viewers but they will not draw a connection and will simply move on.
One of the most powerful features of video content is its ability to draw on human emotion. People form much stronger emotional connections with video and therefore much stronger connections with the company behind it. Many companies try to engage anger as an emotion against competitors. Others may try guilt. However, studies show that when people are made to feel negative emotions they become closed off. They are less likely to make decisions. Even if your company looks great in comparison, your potential consumers will be put off from making any choices about your product because of their negative opinion.
Videos that generate positive emotions, however, are much more successful. When people feel positive, they are far more likely to act including making the decision to buy your product. It also creates a positive connection between the customer and the company. They see your commercial and feel good. Later when they see information about your company, they will remember your commercial and their positive feelings. When people feeling positively about a company, they are far more willing to purchase from them, as well as liking, following, reposting, and promoting content and pages.
People connect most with real stories, real people, and real situations. Rather than trying to come up with what you think will impress people, instead, tell your real story. Share how your company came to be. Talk about what inspired you. Make videos showcasing the charming and intelligent people who work for your company. Address real issues in an honest, intelligent, and sensitive way. Research videos of other companies that were successful. Try to pinpoint what tactics they used to deliver their message.
Budweiser, for example, uses people’s love for puppies to generate an emotional connection to their viewers. Because the video had a happy ending, Budweiser’s commercial generated a huge amount of positive buzz and went viral within minutes of its airing.
Prudential released a video commercial entitled “optimism” which filmed a group of random people participating in a study. The people were asked to add magnets to two boards – the past and the future. They were instructed to put events on the past board that had already happened and events they were expecting to have happen on the future board. While the past board was almost evenly distributed between positive and negative occurrences, the future board was mostly covered in positive events. This campaign was successful because it utilized real people and promoted a positive, optimistic message. Most people hope for the future to be a better place and it is comforting to know that everyone else is hoping for that as well.
A small company example is Blendtec. They are a company that sells blenders and created a video campaign where people can request for certain objects to be put in the blender to answer the question, “Will it blend?” The videos did not require loads of money or professional filming to be successful. They simply feature a man putting various objects into the Blendtec blender. However, the campaign is a huge success because they showcased their products skill while doing so in an interesting and funny way. Not only do they have the humor factor, but they also create a connection with potential customers by allowing the customers to suggest products.
Appeal to your audiences, draw on their emotions, and make a personal connection. Add video to your company’s online presence today!