Appealing to Search Engines and Readers Alike

Jul 1, 2016
According to online reputation management expert, Koz Khosravani of Digital Fusion Business Services, content writing has quickly become one of the best ways to make your company relevant online. Quality content writing should benefit both human readers and search engines. Google is constantly updating their algorithms to make their search engines find the best content for their users. This means businesses need to be putting out exceptional, original content frequently.
Previously, search engines relied solely on keywords to find content for users. Social media search engines, like the one Instagram uses, continue to use that method. Users input a keyword tag and Instagram brings up anything that uses that same tag. People wanting to get views for their content need only to attach keyword tags and their images will show up under those searches. Instagram used to only organize search results by most recent postings but have recently included a section at the top that shows the most viewed and “liked” posts for that tag. In this way, they are intending to help searchers find the highest quality content first.
Pre-2014 Google worked similarly to Instagram tags. Google’s search engine algorithm would boost rankings for sites that utilized the most relevant keywords. If someone was searching for “dentists,” Google would show them pages that had high densities of that keyword. As you can imagine, this method did not necessarily provide searchers with particularly helpful information.
In 2014, Google updated their algorithms to a format similar to Instagram’s recent update. The new algorithms favor quality of content over keywords. In fact, Google intentionally penalizes websites that they catch trying to cheat the system with extensive keyword usage. The algorithms also penalize content that is repetitive, outdated, and unoriginal.
Not only is quality content writing valuable for SEO purposes but it should also be made for human viewers. Help them with an issue they have and they will be far more likely to hire you for their needs. Quality content also showcases that you are an expert in your field. The more original it is, the more it will stand out and the more you will stand out against your competitors.
Articles should be at least 700 words, but word count should not be the main goal. Turning 300 words of content into 700 words of fluff is not going to benefit your readers or your search engine rankings. The more content packed your articles are the more impressed Google’s algorithms will be. Readers, as well will engage more with your content. They will know when they invest the time to read a long article, they will be rewarded with facts and tips rather than ramblings. The more impressive each article is that you put out, the greater chance that readers will stay on your site to learn more from your other articles.
A great way to provide interesting, updated content is to write based off of recent news articles. These articles have not been around for very long and therefore have not been rehashed a thousand times. With your own personal twist to the story, these articles are great original, researched content. This also guarantees the information you are supplying is not outdated. There is nothing worse than putting out content only to find out it’s inaccurate or no longer relevant.
Content writing should aim to preemptively address topics your consumers may be interested in. A potential customer will be far more impressed with your website if it covers number of topics they had questions about. They will also be impressed if your content provides information on things of interest that they may not have even thought to look up.
Going back to the dentist example, a content writer for a dentist should make sure to write articles that cover common procedures, current dental techniques, and ways the average person can protect their teeth. Additional interesting content such as updates on technological advances and special events can add further interest to perusing readers. Background information on the dental office and history of the practicing dentist can add a personal touch to dental postings.
People love to feel like there is a human on the other side of the screen. Having a personal voice in content writing aids in this, but so does actually talking about the people behind the company. Including real, unexpected stories can be a great way to create a connection and an emotional attachment between viewers and the company. People also love positive, uplifting content. Take some time to research positive events or news that is relevant to your company and integrate it into an article.
Your website will generate more repeat visitors and followers if content is posted frequently. The main reason people follow blogs is because they want to stay up-to-date with new articles and postings. If a company only posts occasionally, people will not feel the need to subscribe because it would hardly gain them anything. For websites that post often, however, people who do not subscribe may miss articles. This will compel them to subscribe so they do not miss out on anything that might interest them.
Content writing can be a difficult task and requires a serious time commitment. Most businesses would benefit from hiring professional services like Digital Fusion Business Services. Not only will this guarantee quality content writing that is formatted to impress both humans and search engines, but some companies will even handle creating a schedule for postings and add the content to the site. Not having to remember to write and add new content is one less headache for busy company owners.