Importance of Content Writing for Companies

May 18, 2017
Professional content writing is changing the online marketing world says online reputation management expert Koz Khosravani of Digital Fusion Business Services. SEO keywords used to be the sole game when it came to online marketing. However, with recent search engine upgrades, such as Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, simply using SEO keywords will not boost rankings.
Google’s new algorithms look for meaningful content amongst websites. Pages covered with hard-to-read, keyword loaded content now gets pushed down in search engine rankings. Websites with current, informative, and reader-friendly information attract Google’s algorithm, moving those pages up in the rankings.
Companies interested in that coveted first page ranking need to invest in content writing. Content writing keeps your page current and updated so that both Google and your clients know that your company is still relevant. It shows that your company is actively invested in finding new clients, whereas outdated webpages may make potential clients worry that the information provided is also outdated.
Professional content writers will be able to formulate articles subtly utilizing keywords to boost SEO without generating backlash from Google’s algorithms. Both Google’s algorithm and client readers will dismiss content that so overly relies on keywords that it becomes an obvious marketing attempt.
Providing informative, well researched content, not only boosts search engine rankings for a site, but it also makes your site a resource to potential and established clients. Websites that only describe attributes about the business will be useful to people who are directly looking for that information, but will have no secondary draw. Constantly updating your website with eye-catching, relevant content, however, can not only assist your current clients but can draw unexpected viewers.
As people start to recognize your site as a place to keep up-to-date with information that appeals to them, they will use your page as a resource. They will stay on your page longer and return to your page more often to learn about things relevant to them. The longer they are on your page, the more they become attached to your brand, the more they will add likes to your posts, and the more they will share your content. Social media is an exponentially powerful tool. As one person shares your content, all of their contacts see that post. If just one of their contacts shares it, then a whole new scope of people will see your information. This immediately exposes your company to a huge amount of people who otherwise may have never looked for your type of business.
When content is shared by the right people, it can go viral. Your article can go from three views in a week to 3 million views in a single day. Three million people now know your company exists.
It is vital to make sure the content you put out is well-researched and valuable. Just as viral marketing can give you millions of new fans, it can just as easily make you look like a joke. Company owners should make sure the content being added to their sites is credible, otherwise they can face serious trouble if the wrong article gets too much attention. Hiring professionals with an extensive knowledge of copyright can ensure your company is protected from any potential law suit.
Additionally, providing respectable content shows that you are an expert in your field. You are keeping up with all the new advances in your field and know enough to then provide your own take on the matter. This establishes a sense of trust between you and your clients.
Content marketing helps smaller businesses compete with corporate giants. Big companies have established trust, where people can know the quality they will receive even if it is not the best quality on the market. Small businesses can prove to customers that they are knowledgeable and customer-friendly with content writing. Customers can establish relationship with smaller businesses and get personalized answers to their questions.
Some business owners attempt to handle content writing on their own. While they might have extensive knowledge in their field, most are not naturally good writers. Professional content writers are specially trained to write in a manner that is engaging for whoever your clientele is, whether they are dental professionals or stay-at-home moms. Bad writing alienates readers and pushes them away from your site.
Content writing can also give you an insight into what attracts customers. Creating so much content helps you see what is a hit or miss. Certain articles will be wildly popular while others fall flat. Allowing for a degree of chance, this will help you learn how to better tailor your content to generate as much buzz as possible.
With all the increased visibility of your page amongst potential clients, your income increases. Content writing is a marketing investment. Compared to other types of advertising, content writing is fairly cheap and it is one of the most effective forms of marketing across any type of industry. It provides customers with something that interests them, rather than forcing your presence on them with paid ads and the like. Articles become permanently available for you to use on your site, drawing in customers for years after the original publish date. If you have been considering content marketing for your company, do not wait! Start now and begin reaping the benefits.