Free Content Marketing!

Aug 3, 2017
Nowadays business markets are more saturated than ever according to Koz Khosravani, president of online reputation services Digital Fusion Business Services. The internet makes it easier than ever to start a business, offer a product, and gain a following. This means that the average person can take one idea and build a successful business from it. However, it also means that now businesses have to compete with more and more people, and customers have to wade through tons of potential options. Traditional marketing techniques cannot keep up with the current business atmosphere. With so many competitors, how do you stand out?
The best way to stand out now is through providing lots of great, free content. Everyone loves free. Offering free giveaways draws interest to your brand. Do not give away all of your secrets, but give potential customers a taste of what you can offer. Making a purchase entails a certain amount of risk. This is especially true for a new product on the market. When you offer a free piece of your product, people can try your services without the usual risk. If you offer a high quality product, many of the people who try it will want it after their trial is over. Because you only gave them a small piece, they will feel inspired to make a purchase to get your full offering.
You should also be providing high quality articles, blog posts, and other informative content to become a resource to people interested in your area of expertise. This content will not only draw people in but it will keep them coming back once they know you are a resource. The more you can cover any material that relates to your product or service, the more they will rely on you, the more they will consider you an expert, and the more likely they are to choose you when they need professional help. This tactic is especially important to someone who provides a service over someone who offers a product. For a product, people want to test the product and know that it is valid. For a service, your expertise and your knowledge are the product. By providing articles filled with your particular knowledge, people know your service will give them the results they need.
Two examples of this would be someone like a realtor versus someone who sells a new brand of protein powder. Both markets have many different companies all offering a slightly different version of the same thing. The realtor needs to prove to their potential clients that they know the real estate market best and can get their clients the best deal. It would be too costly to give every possible potential client a personalized free trial, so instead the realtor can provide articles showing market and personal statistics that prove they get results. When it comes down to choosing between someone with an extensive history of well researched articles and someone who only has their business information, a potential client will feel much more comfortable in the hands of someone who clearly does their research.
The protein powder company, on the other hand, should write about the benefits of protein and healthy living to attract a relevant audience, but no matter how much they claim their protein powder is effective and delicious, no one will be truly convinced until they try it for themselves. Most protein powders cost between $30-50 per tub, which is a quite a bit to possibly waste on a bad product. Customers will be more interested in sticking with tried and true brands rather than taking a chance on this new brand. However, if they offer free samples to interested customers, the customers are then able to try the product firsthand. As long as the product is better than those of established competitors, then the protein company now has a wealth of new customers.
Marketing through free offerings also allows you to easily gather potential customer information such as emails. By requiring they put in an email before they can get your free content, you now have access to run targeted traditional marketing techniques. You can continue to offer them free perks for staying in your email list to keep them from unsubscribing.
Reaching the right clients and getting them to buy is both easier and harder than ever. Give yourself a leg up and start offering your customers free content today. For help working out the logistics of your free offerings, consider hiring the help of an online reputation management firm. While they take care of the complicated details, you can focus of your product.