Irvine, California-based Internet Expert Koz Khosravani Announces Online Reputation Management Services That can Save a Person From Online Slander

Irvine, California
Jan 23, 2015

“There's a number of reasons why a person would want to come to us for reputation management,”  commented Khosravani.  “First everyday there's businesses targeted for extortion by Russian, Chinese and even American criminal gangs that will set up elaborate attacks on someone's reputation and demand money to take these things down.  It's a growing segment in cyber crime.  Then, to make matters worse, there's the actions of disgruntled people from former relationships or friendships that do things like this out of pure maliciousness.  We can protect against, and if necessary expertly clean up, both and have a person feeling secure knowing their reputation is in good hands.”


Khosravani has a reputation that's hard to match in the online world.  Not only has he shared the stage with the President of the United States, he is also the only internet expert invited to share his knowledge at major expos in New York and Chicago alongside figures like Donald Trump and Anthony Robbins.


According to the expert, after spending a lifetime building a respectable reputation it can all be crushed in a very short time when a person is targeted.  This can lead to major losses of money, family issues (including divorce) and huge amounts of embarrassment that can be very difficult to recover from.  A much wiser strategy is to stay protected with a professional team monitoring a person's online reputation making sure it is secure.


Koz Khosravani

President & CTO

Best Professional Practice Marketing, and

Digital Fusion Business Services, LLC

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