Search Engine Top Page Ranking Dilemma


The truth about search engine ranking guarantees: To the best of my knowledge Google owners and top executives can guarantee top page ranking. And of course they will never do that since people will lose trust in Google's search results... No one else can guarantee certain keywords...

BUT, here is the real issue. Some SEO companies absolutely refuse to guarantee top page rankings and have no accountability to you. They can take your money and not place your site on the top page of Google - your money gone! On the other end, some will guarantee anything and everything and will take your money and dissappear.

WHAT WE DO is to guarantee certain number of keyword phrases on the top page of Google or you pay nothing! You see that is only fair. If we are truthful about our skills and experience (we are), we would have some idea about the results we can expect, based on our previous clients (e.g. Los Angeles Chiropractor) on what we can get for new similar client (e.g. Beverly Hills Chiropractor). Based on that knowledge, we can guarantee certain keywords (taking some risks ourselves) while offering free service if we did not get clients what we promised (risk free for clients). So we think it is very ethical to offer a "Guaranteed top page ranking or its free) vs. the other 2 extremes of no guarantees (just trust us!) or we guarantee everything under the sun (1000 keywords and ten million dollars income for you - nonsense)!