Terms & Conditions



Refund Policy: Depending on the services you purchase, you will sign a contract with us. The contract specifies our precise refund policy so that you can know in advance of our policy. We strive to do our best to make our clients happy. Our reputation matters for us. However, if for any reason, we cannot fulfill our obligations as stated in our contracts, we will gladly issue a refund within 2 weeks.

Search Engine policies: In all our marketing activities, we will follow the rules of search engines. We never endanger our clients business or reputation by violating search engine's rules. We believe in clean, ethical and legal marketing practices with absolutely no exceptions.

Client dispute resolution: Please contact our CEO & owner, Mr. Khosravani, directly at 949-466-3528 for any issues, complains, feedback or even praise! We believe in win-win business transactions. Again call him for any dispute resolution or send a certified letter to the address at bottom of every page of this website.