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  • Koz has taught over 50 for-credit courses at Harvard, UCLA & UC-Irvine!
  • Koz has talked about higher education in America in front of the audience of 14000 and the President of the United States
  • Koz is the only online marketing expert hired to share the stage with Donald Trump, Tony Robbins and other top national speakers in certain major events!
  • Koz was chosen as strategic partner with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and TEDx conferences to publicize the United Nation's Millennium goals
  • Koz single-handedly developed a certificate program in e-Commerce for Entrepreneurs at University of California | Irvine (Extension)
  • Koz was one of the first people chosen by TED conferences to organize TEDx events in Santa Monica & Newport Coast
  • Koz's various firms and businesses have been on the top page of search engines for over a decade!
  • Koz has trained over 1000 engineers, scientists and managers at Boeing, Southern California Edison and other major US corporations. He taught and consulted for these corporations in the areas of web technologies, e-Business, e-Commerce and business management
  • Koz was chosen by the University of California to train government delegations and organizations from the People's Republic of China and Brazil on all areas of online business, security and operations
  • Koz is a black belt in Karate (Wado-ryo), a former wrestler, and a zen practitioner who has been trained by the former Navy Seals at Sealfit of Encinitas and the Wakeup Warriors of Laguna Beach and is certified as Spartan Race Obstacles Specialist in order to conduct seminars and workshops for business executives on mental toughness and clarity, meeting life & business challenges head on, physical transformation and more.


Koz Khosravani on the front page of LA Times with President Clinton





Koz Khosravani is an Internet expert, a Computer Information Systems consultant, an Information Technology and educational technology lecturer, and Teaching Fellow at various colleges and universities, including Harvard University, Denver University (Some sources by mistake have used the name The University of Colorado which is NOT the same as Denver University), , UC-Irvine, UC-San Diego, and UCLA Extension Schools.

Koz is the ONLY faculty member in a major US university who has taught all these technology courses (Click to view)!

Koz is a national speaker who has shared the stage with The President of the United States, Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, George Foreman, Lisa Nichols, David Bach, Chris Howard and many other top speakers.

 Koz is the only Internet Expert who was invited to be on stage with Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, and others to speak at major wealth Expos in New York and Chicago Convention Centers.

He has been active in the field of Information Technology and education for approximately fifteen years as a software engineer, project manager, educator, trainer, and consultant.  He has trained technical employees at various Fortune 500 companies, including Digital Equipment Corporation, Raytheon, Hughes, Edison International, and Boeing (M-Douglas). 


 His area of specialization includes Internet promotion and marketing, Internet conversions (converting site visitors to buyers and repeat buyers), digital movie editing, digital movie production and post-production, educational technology, e-business security & back-end integration, distributed relational database management systems, wireless technologies, networking, web development, and distributed applications.


Koz designed boot-camp-type fast-track Web Mastering programs for both UCLA and UC-Irvine to benefit those who want to learn about all aspects of website design, construction, and implementation - all in one intense week.

Koz & President Clinton - Speakers at UCLA Convocation (14,000 Attendees)!

Koz taught a variety of Educational and Instructional Technology courses, including the Internet for Educators, Online Research for Educators, and Advanced Microcomputers in the Classroom (Clear Credential).


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He designed and deployed a variety of short business workshops and consulting sessions in the areas of negotiations, communications, business management, MIS, and investments.  In addition, he has served on the UCI and UCLA Extension School's advisory committees to develop certificate programs in E-Business and Educational Technology.

Koz created a new program at UCI Extension (2000-2001) entitled "E-Commerce for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners". He also taught E-Business Technology overview, E-Business Back-end Integration, and E-Business Security for UCI's Business division.  On a lower "system" level, Koz taught VAX-Macro systems programming and Macro-11 at Harvard University.

He has served on the UCLA Alumni Association Board of Directors, UCLA Wooden Athletic Center Board of Governors, UCLA's Executive Vice Chancellor's Academic Planning & Budget Advisory Committee (APBAC), UCLA Academic Senate's Professional School's Restructuring Committees, and UCSA Board of Governors, as well as other educational and social organization's governing boards.

Koz addressing an audience of 14,000 people at UCLA!

Koz without a suit enjoying life!