DigiFusion Staff

Current or recent staff or independent contractors

Please contact koz@kozwealthsystems.com to inquire about job opportunities


Kylie B.

Kylie is one of our best staff members who can do it all! Kylie is in charge of our video development and optimization, social media marketing, content writing, localized SEO management and more!

You can count on Kylie to work fast, multi-task, and take care of our firm's clients at all times. Kylie has an excellent written and oral communications skills. She produces content for our clients and then uses the content to perform online marketing on behalf of most of our clients.


Abir A.

Abir joined our operation while working on her doctoral degree. She helped our firm with long term planning, strategic planning and operations management. With her years of experience in management, accounting, information technology and marketing, she has helped our firm grow rapidly. 

We rely on Abir to help us with business growth, development and marketing. Abir has unique talents that allows her to wear different 'hats' and to perform a variety of duties...


Jenny K.

Jenny is our official video guru!  She has acted as our spokesmodel for years and has a unique presence in front of camera. Most of the spokesperson videos we developed for our clients utilized the personality, charm, presence and dedication of Jenny.

Jenny can be counted on to provide the best quality videos and to develop story lines, scripts and much more. 


Maryam S.

Maryam is an independent graphic designer who helps us with creating various multimedia objects such as banners, graphic arts, animations, motion graphics and more.

She is expert with the use pf Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, along with many other creative software tools...


Meara B.

Meara  just join our firm on a part time basis while finishing her degree at the Laguna College of Art & Design. Meara helps our other staff with the creation or revision of graphics, social media postings, website design and content writing.

Meara has years of experience in video game development, graphic design, motion graphics and content writing. She is expert in the use of Adpbe Creative Suite, while develops mini websites and landing pages for our clients.


She has also been a Lead Arts Teacher in the city of Irvine.


Ediz A.

Ediz is a native of Istanbul, Turkey who has interned with us. He helps us with client video editing, social media marketing and more. Ediz is an accomplished photographers ande videographer with special skills in chroma key green screen editing.

He has a full sales life cycle expertise and helps us with marketing support when not too busy with video and photography editing and shooting tasks....





Please contact koz@kozwealthsystems.com to inquire about job opportunities