Local Marketing - How to Market To Your Local City or Zip Code

December 4, 2017 @ 9:07 PM

Local Online Marketing - Finding Prospects within your City

local marketing

There are literally millions of web pages on the Internet. When we want information on something we ‘google it’, and if someone is searching for the products and services you’re selling, your business needs to be listed there too.

Interacting with Customers equals Improved Sales  

Customers want personalization - interaction with service providers. Mobile, email and social media are just a few online marketing channels that make this interaction possible. You can be interacting with your local customers through popular media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+.

Many people look to social media to see what other ...

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Artificial Intelligence and Your Future!

November 21, 2017 @ 8:21 AM

Artificial Intelligence – Tackling the Challenges Humans Encounter

Does Artificial intelligence (AI) hold the secret to various problems plaguing the world in the 21st century? Certainly human error and inconsistency has resulted in many things going wrong, and the mere act of creating intelligent robots has now moved away from scientific journals and into mainstream life in our new century. In fact, where I live, our security guards are being replacing with robots as I write this. And I am even more excited and fearful about the field since I just finished learning in-depth about this exciting field by taking academic courses in AI and Machine Learning at Columbia University.

Fresh Thinking to Outsmart Customers

Artificial ...

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Security Audit for your organization

October 10, 2017 @ 2:45 PM

I just audited cyber security of 4 small to mid-size companies and organizations (both non-profit and for-profit). Wow – wasn’t expected such poor results. It reminded me of educating Boeing corp. managers and engineers in the age of Windows XP when they a few departments at Boeing were still using Windows 95! Way behind the times and yet the departments were part of the leading aerospace company in the world!

OC Security Audit

While everyone knows the possible dangers of scams and malware on a personal level, many companies may not be aware of just how weak their cyber security systems are to defend against attacks from the Dark Web. Cyber attacks on corporations are on a steady rise. According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, the cost of...

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Business & Video Marketing with Periscope App

May 10, 2017 @ 3:08 PM


Every business wants to be a mover and shaker, but the business world is risky business, and in a competitive world, if you can’t find something different that will help you succeed against all odds, you’re pretty much doomed. Is there some winning combination of tricks or tools that lead almost inevitably to achievement in the business world? If so, what are the secret success formulas that will give you a good chance to survive and come out on top? Every company wants to find ways to generate business, and any business in the 21st century needs to use the most advanced  technologies if they want to increase business efficiency and expand operations.

Without the Right Strategies, Somebody Will Take Your Place&......

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The Art of Simplicity - Making full blast videos for business or home with Magisto App

January 9, 2017 @ 12:47 AM


Direct competition exists where businesses produce similar products that appeal to the same group of consumers. Marketing your business means you simply have to identify who your target market is and then strategize around their needs. You have to be as creative as you can when it comes to finding ways to increase awareness of what you do and what you offer. Think about how best to reach your customers and keep track of the returns you get with your marketing investment. Today’s technology has made video creation possible which is a good thing because the usage of video on the web offers many  advantages, from SEO advantages to increased sales conversions.

A Fun, Productive Tool

A mobile app such as Magisto can ...

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Business Online Branding, Reputation Management & Industry Authority

November 7, 2016 @ 9:24 PM

In order to expand the reach of a business, online branding is an effective and needed strategy. Small businesses who can’t afford to spend too much with advertising will likely find online branding the best way to be known by customers and clients. Here we will discuss the 3 most important areas of online business success – online reputation management, online branding and industry authority.

Creating a personalized and meaningful logo is a good start for online branding. This logo could be placed in the business website, social media business account, business cards, business forms and emails. A logo will become an image that will represent the company both online and offline. So pay special attention to the creation of a ...

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Triple Your Customer Conversion Rates with Proper Web Design - Part II

September 13, 2016 @ 11:30 PM

Part II - Triple Your Customer Conversion Rates with Proper Web Design

Lynda.com’s landing page features only a few key pieces of content, a header that includes their logo, navigation buttons, and a search bar, plus a place to become a member and to sign in; their main headline, their major graphic that includes the try it for free button, a small button to see more information; and a background image.  That’s it.  They clearly offer the ability to learn more for people not quite swayed, but those buttons are small and less noticeable.  The buttons that stand out all involve becoming a member.  With the background image and the multi-piece graphic, their page feels complex and informative, while it really ...

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Triple Your Customer Conversion Rates with Proper Web Design -Part I

September 6, 2016 @ 7:33 PM

Part I - Triple Your Customer Conversion Rates with Proper Web Design

While designing a website may seem to be all about aesthetics, small changes can actually have a huge effect on making conversions according to online reputation services president Koz Khosravani of Digital Fusion Business Services.  People are accustomed to certain layouts, respond better to particular words, and can be guided exactly how you want them with careful and precise planning.

The first thing to keep in mind when designing a business website is to pick a focus.  For most businesses the focus should be on what earns them money, either customers making a purchase order or, say, booking a room at a hotel.  All of your designing should aim to ...

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Identity theft affects on online reputation and branding

July 22, 2015 @ 10:51 PM

Protecting Your Assets and Reputation from Identify Theft

Identity theft and fraud refers to when someone takes personal information from another person and uses it to make purchases and actions under the other person’s name.  Most people are aware of the dangers of identity theft and the risk for significant financial losses.  However, Koz Khosravani of Digital Fusion Business Services warns that most people are not aware that identity theft can do other lasting damage.


                Every time someone wants to take out a loan, purchases a home, rents an apartment, opens a bank account, starts up utilities, purchases a gun, and more, their credit and personal information...

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How to Grow your Business with Google Tools and Technologies

June 6, 2015 @ 6:46 AM

In business today, because of the competitiveness, you have to ensure you do everything right, even before you start. Once on the go, you have to find every which way you can to let your potential customers know why they should be doing business with you. Nearly all businesses in the 21st century use Google in one way or the other. Some of the tools which Google have made available to online businesses are among others Google Maps, Google Analytics, Gmail and  Adwords.


Google provides these tools to simply help you in all your marketing and business operations, and having a website too will provide your customers with well-focused information about your business.  Even with your website, by easily setting up a Google ......

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