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Ok so I was just teaching a seminar for a group of doctors and other health professionals. And one of the questions was if the marketing strategies they use should be different than other firms.

Well, the answer - to some degree - is yes!

  • Most professional practices requires localized form of marketing as opposed to nationwide or global form. An average client for these professionals would drive to their clinics and offices if the distance is on average 10 miles.... Whereas if an enterprise sells laptops, they can sell it to almost anyone anywhere (global)!
  • Also, our marketing effort should focus on service-oriented marketing techniques as opposed to product-oriented marketing techniques. Some forms of marketing are great for service-oriented firms and some are not...
  • Finally, the focus on marketing for professional practices should be on quality rather than quantity. You see, a business that sells a $9 gadget, needs thousands of sales a month (quantity factor). But a criminal attorney or a cosmetic surgeon who charges $10,000 on average per client,  needs far fewer web traffic and 'sales' (quality factor). Therefore, our form of marketing should take into account all these simple, yet crucial, issues.

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