Best Online Reputation Management Defensive Techniques and Tactics

March 17, 2015 @ 10:25 PM

Koz Khosravani

Irvine California Online Reputation Management Consultant offers tips!


There are many firms and companies in Orange County, California that offer online reputation management services. Some firms offer an excellent array of services and some, well, don't.

If you need online reputation management (ORM) assistance, you must focus on a few things to protect yourself and to get good results.

Always try to treat others right and avoid any online reputation issues. It is much easier to apologize once (especially if warranted) than spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars fighting an online attack.

Never get angry and try to attack the attacker! It will make things worse. Sometimes a 3rd party such as an ......

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Why you should never hire web designers to build a website!!

March 6, 2015 @ 10:59 PM

Why you should never hire web designers to build a website!! Orange County Website Design Firms know this secret....


Ok that is a controversial statement! Most people of course hire web designers to build a website! The problem of course is that you don't want just a website. Instead you want customers and clients for your business. Hence, the website should be build with marketing goals in mind. If your web designer has no experience in online marketing or search engine optimization, then they will build you a virtual equivalent of a resort but forget to build virtual roads to lead to that resort! In plain English, no customers will visit your resort if there are no roads leading to it from nearby towns! What good that ......

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5 Keys to Professional Web Design

March 6, 2015 @ 10:55 PM

5 Keys to Professional Web Design by Orange County Website Design Services 

When it comes to professionally designing a website, you have to be sure to have your priorities ahead of you. For instance, you would not focus on making a website geared towards musicians with design that is geared towards conservative lawyers – two different audiences! You have to be sure to have a target audience as well as a bunch of other elements all come together. There are services that can help you with that out of Orange County, California where our website design firm can bring the most out of your ideas and site.

The first thing to remember is to focus on quality. There is no rush to a perfect website and you have to be sure that quality ...

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