Best Online Reputation Management Defensive Techniques and Tactics

Koz Khosravani

Irvine California Online Reputation Management Consultant offers tips!


There are many firms and companies in Orange County, California that offer online reputation management services. Some firms offer an excellent array of services and some, well, don't.

If you need online reputation management (ORM) assistance, you must focus on a few things to protect yourself and to get good results.

Always try to treat others right and avoid any online reputation issues. It is much easier to apologize once (especially if warranted) than spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars fighting an online attack.

Never get angry and try to attack the attacker! It will make things worse. Sometimes a 3rd party such as an ORM firm can mediate between the 2 parties, and get great results with minimal cost.

Always use various online tools (e.g. Google alerts) to monitor the cyberspace to see what is being said about you. The sooner you find out about and online attack, the easier to deal with the issue.

Claim your virtual real estate. You must, sooner or later, claim various online entities that exist about you and your firm! Believe or not, many sites, blogs, social and review profiles exists about you that you can claim (local business listing) or build yourself (mini sites and blogs)

When you try to choose an online reputation management firm to hire, check their own reputation and the reputation of the firm staff. Ask for references and engage them in an in-depth interview to see exactly what they will do for you. Have everything and I mean everything in writing, on the contract.

Never accept the claim that the ORM firms cannot guarantee results. If they have years of experience in the field, they can guess the results and take some of the risk. The contract must state the guarantees and warranties.

Reverse engineer the ORM process: In plain English, see the Google search results for people or firms similar to yours and see what shows up about them. If for example, they have a listing on and shows on the top page, you might want to have a Meetup about your favorite topic too with proper keywords.

Finally, some ORM techniques could involve the use of the law and attorneys. Make sure the ORM firm you want to hire has excellent relations with a law firm that specializes in an online reputation defense. We do! It is a combined power of the law and the knowledge of technology that can get clients the best results.

We are here to help you make a right choice. If you need to talk to us in total privacy, just call us at 949-466-3528. 

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