Corporate Online Reputation Management

Corporate Online Reputation Management

For When Your Company is on the Hitlist!

Today if you apply for a job, there are very few instances where interviewers ask for references - they simply turn to Google to get the answers they need. The Internet has become part of people's daily existence, and it is the most revolutionary medium for communication ever experienced. Individuals and businesses are using the Internet for information and communication and nothing holds them back to vent their feelings for the world to see.

No longer is corporate online reputation management only associated with big brands. Even individuals and small businesses are targeted with venomous comment that can put them out of business permanently. There was a time before the Internet came about, when complaining about services or products was never done publicly. Not only that, companies didn't engage with their customers the way they do today and customers played a passive role too, never daring to voice their feelings in a powerful way. Bad publicity and putting a company or brand in the limelight for all the wrong reasons has become commonplace and can spell disaster for a business.


Improving your Online Reputation

Corporate online reputation management services are becoming highly sought after in order to help businesses maintain a positive on-line presence. Today anyone can say anything about anybody online. Social media has meant that consumers can have an enormous audience with whom they can vent their anger and share all their grievances with.  Consumers are passing comments about you and your brand via different online platforms. These platforms are:

■blogs and forums

■social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

■review sites
■information and resource sharing sites

There are actually very few laws in place to regulate what is posted online. It is mind boggling to contemplate that Yelp, which is a leading ratings and review site is visited by no less than 40 million consumers during the month, and that customers are looking at some 14 million submitted reviews. Imagine the extent of the damage done to your company if a disgruntled employee (or even an anonymous competitor) had to place negative images or comments on this particular review site?  Just one negative review can dissuade many future would-be prospects from ever being interested in your products or services.  

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