How to Grow your Business with Google Tools and Technologies

In business today, because of the competitiveness, you have to ensure you do everything right, even before you start. Once on the go, you have to find every which way you can to let your potential customers know why they should be doing business with you. Nearly all businesses in the 21st century use Google in one way or the other. Some of the tools which Google have made available to online businesses are among others Google Maps, Google Analytics, Gmail and  Adwords.


Google provides these tools to simply help you in all your marketing and business operations, and having a website too will provide your customers with well-focused information about your business.  Even with your website, by easily setting up a Google Webmaster Toolsaccount you will be alerted to issues that are preventing your website from getting found in search results. This Google tool will help to analyze your search traffic so you can understand how visitors are finding you.

Build a Loyal Customer Base

What do you want to achieve with your business? What will help customers return to you again and again for business?  Certainly with Google Toolsyou can grow your business and position yourself  well in the competitive marketplace. This is important as your position is how your customers and competitors view the product and services you offer.

You need to understand your customers if you want to boost sales. If you understand what it is that drives customers, you can adapt your business with factors that work to attract customers. For starters, Google My Businesswill be providing information on how many hits your business pages are getting and also let you know what customers are actually searching for. Your business information will be put on Maps and Google+ for instance, allowing customers to always find you, regardless of the device they use.

Some of Google's leading tools to  increase your customer base include -

●Google Sites - a  free service from Google. You'll get help to build a website for your business with Google Sites. It also allows you to share and edit websites. Google Sites offers different templates so you can create a fairly attractive looking website without any programming knowledge.

●Google AdSense  - this is a great way to make some money from visitors who you've attracted to your website. Content-related ads are displayed on your website and you can choose the size of them and where you want them displayed. When one of your visitors clicks on an ad, Google will share some of the ad revenue with you.

●Google Trends - this can be a useful tool to help you choose clever keywords. You'll be able to compare your keyword choices against other variations, and get suggestions about which keywords are the ones being used the most for search purposes.

●Google Maps - there are millions of people searching Google Maps each and every day, and a listing on Google Maps will make it that much easier for them to find you. Any business can add place-marks and information. As a desktop and mobile web mapping service, Google Maps offers satellite imagery, allowing for 360° views of streets as well as route planning. A business simply provides details about their business on Google Places so that their business can be easily located by customers who do a search using business address details.

●Google Blogger - a blog is an awesome way for your business to keep customers alerted about new products, promotions and company events. A business blog loaded with helpful information will simply help customers make important buying decisions. A blog with useful information can boost your online presence, and Google's Blogger program is free and easy to use. You'll be able to create an attractive looking blog-site that fits the style of your business. Choose from templates that come with flexible layouts and images.

Maximum Customer Appeal with Google's Help

Google is a global search giant. They want to provide businesses with some of the tools and skills needed to promote a small business and possibly turn it into a giant as well. Marketing your business the right way means knowing who your target market is and then providing them with all the tools and strategies so that they want to buy your products and services from all the other marketers you are competing with.

You have to use all the various techniques there are because no single marketing effort always works. You'll be wanting to know what your marketing efforts are yielding. Another tool, Google Analytics, can be used to measure your success as an online business. The free tool allows businesses to track their sales and conversions. Once you know something of who is coming to your site, you can adapt your marketing strategies in tune with what they want.

Running a successful online business means offering your customers everything possible for maximum client appeal. Google offers you a host of free online products and tools to take advantage of. All these tools make sure you maintain good relationships with your customers and that you are up to date with their current and changing needs.

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