The Art of Simplicity - Making full blast videos for business or home with Magisto App


Direct competition exists where businesses produce similar products that appeal to the same group of consumers. Marketing your business means you simply have to identify who your target market is and then strategize around their needs. You have to be as creative as you can when it comes to finding ways to increase awareness of what you do and what you offer. Think about how best to reach your customers and keep track of the returns you get with your marketing investment. Today’s technology has made video creation possible which is a good thing because the usage of video on the web offers many  advantages, from SEO advantages to increased sales conversions.

A Fun, Productive Tool

A mobile app such as Magisto can provide you with a fun and  productive tool around your brand. With a video which has been professionally edited, you'll be reaching your customers at all hours, and making a sincere connection with them. With Magisto you can transform   photos and videos and share them with customers through social networks and messaging applications and which are viewed on mobile devices and PCs.

Driven by artificial intelligence and simple user experience, Magisto selects the most compelling moments from regular videos and brings them together in a magical way to convey a message complete with customized styles and music.

Magisto does ALL the Hard Work for You

Social video is an important aspect of a content marketing plan, and certainly a small business today requires owners to have at least some working knowledge of image and video editing. If you are a small business without knowledge of editing, don't despair as there are many free and very easy  applications to post a polished image or video on your products and services. When you think that Magisto applies video stabilization, video filters, video effects, facial recognition and smooth transitions automatically, then you realise that as a business, there really is precious little left for you to do. Magisto basically does all the hard work for you.

A Winning Editing App

Many marketers find the process of video editing a bit frustrating and intimidating. This is however an  essential part of getting high-quality video content to represent your brand. The solution is a video editing app for iOS and Android, and all you need is your mobile device. Magisto, which was launched in 2011, was the winner of the 2012 CES Mobile Apps Showdown. The app will automatically arrange and add effects to your slideshow or videos, providing a fully innovative video to share to your social networks.

You can load the free Magisto app to your  iPhone or Android phone after you have created an  account so you can edit your videos.

With Magisto, you are able to  turn your mobile footage into a sleek and polished video that's ready to be shared. The Magisto app is targeted at consumers who want to create fun, attractive  videos. Magisto launched their video editing client on the iPhone early in the year and this addition has resulted in millions of users signing up for the service.

Videos - an Excellent Marketing Tool

Creating videos can add some individuality to your content marketing strategy, making your products easily identifiable, particularly to people who prefer looking at pictures to reading. This makes videos an excellent marketing tool as it simply clarifies your product. Surveys reveal that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product once they see a video. These video also help businesses keep count of how many visitors on their sites are likely to become actual customers. The videos keep track of what products customers are interested in by displaying the number of views on each video.

People gain a better understanding of a product once they see someone demonstrating how it is used. The video explains how the customer can benefit from using the products and services of the company.

More and more businesses are using videos to spread the word about their businesses.

If as a business, you are ready to give video blogging a go with content marketing, why not try an iPhone, Chrome or Android app that handles all the creativity fr you?  The app supports all standard video formats, and all that is required is that you pick the items you want to include in your final edit and let Magisto find the interesting parts to edit together.

Magisto Takes Care of Tricky Video Editing

Basically, what Magisto does is take your video and make it stylishly professional, without the bother of editing. Editing can be irritating is you don’t know how, but Magisto leaves you with enough control with trimming your videos, adding some music and selecting a theme so that you don’t leave everything up to the app.  In fact with the Magisto app, there are only a few steps to create a video -

●login with either Facebook or Google Plus
●record your video
●select your theme - some theme examples are Street Beats, Happy Holidays and Let's Party

When it comes to music,  you can select music from Magisto's library. Once you've also added an eye-catching headline you click on 'Make My Movie'. Magisto analyzes your videos and photos, selects the best and then edits them together to make a video. You can share your video on all the major social media sites. You can also create albums and share movies with the Magisto community on their website, allowing people to comment and like your video if it’s public.

Have an Advantage in the Business World

The Internet is a revolutionary medium to communicate, and you need to research every method you can to make your business stand ahead of your competitors.  After recording video directly through the Magisto app, you'll be prompted to name your clip and select a soundtrack. Magisto then analyzes the raw footage and produces an edited video ready for sharing. As a business in a very competitive world, your position in the marketplace is your identity, and video is a powerful way to talk about- and describe any distinctive features of your products and services.  

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