Artificial Intelligence and Your Future!

Artificial Intelligence – Tackling the Challenges Humans Encounter

Does Artificial intelligence (AI) hold the secret to various problems plaguing the world in the 21st century? Certainly human error and inconsistency has resulted in many things going wrong, and the mere act of creating intelligent robots has now moved away from scientific journals and into mainstream life in our new century. In fact, where I live, our security guards are being replacing with robots as I write this. And I am even more excited and fearful about the field since I just finished learning in-depth about this exciting field by taking academic courses in AI and Machine Learning at Columbia University.

Fresh Thinking to Outsmart Customers

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of highly technical computer science where machines and robots are acting like humans, coming equipped with the art of problem solving. Artificial Intelligence is the opposite of organic intelligence associated with humans and animals. For example, robotics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning are areas that are part of AI – Artificial Intelligence.

Experts tell us that artificial intelligence is- and will be better than humans at all tasks. With many workers wanting to strike and lay down tools because they’re disgruntled (rightly or wrongly), small wonder that with jobs being cut, businesses are looking at AI to fill gaps and to do the work quicker, more accurately and more cost-effectively. While we are dealing with ethical issues here as well as the loss of jobs in certain fields, the technology will march forward no matter how we feel about it.

A machine works 24/7, it doesn’t strike or call in sick regularly and it doesn’t demand breaks throughout the day. From around the globe, we’re witnessing sources of inspiration for inventions that are promising to transform every sector of industry. And we are also entering the era that we, as humans, might loss control of the same machines that are creating a new future for us.

Self-Learning Computer Programs

Today we’ve got software that can learn from billions of past searches and take an accurate estimate from its task and present you with what you’re looking for. Yes, traditional computer programming allows a computer to scan documents quickly and sort files, but with more complicated tasks such as recognizing speech, you need to create a program that can actually learn by itself.

Take a look at the business world and how much data is coming into the business each and every day. Many businesses in the 21st century already have computers with special software dealing with these growing volumes of information.

The wave of information we have today is used to train the self-learning programs how a particular business or organization works. AI and data analytics are important tools in keeping businesses afloat. We’re already seeing AI at work with the likes of Facebook with image recognition for instance.

These days, big companies are no longer just relying on firewall or traditional anti-virus software to fight cyber criminals. Look at IBM – they using AI, to build their new IT security products. The renowned IBM Watson can learn from security data what can’t be learned by humans. Watson can read and interpret all this information. It’s a single security system, and any threat anywhere in the world will be available in real time to anyone using the system.

Superior Machine Learning Systems

Machine learning systems for instance, are replacing older algorithms in different applications and have actually become superior at many tasks once done by humans. Their error rate has become better than human-level performance.

Voice recognition is an example and in noisy environments even, is equal to- and better than human performance. This type of thing is opening up vast new possibilities for transforming the workplace.

Once these AI-based systems exceed human performance at different tasks, they will be in even more demand.

AI delivers Specifics on the Target Audience

Let’s take a look at a typical sales office and how difficult it is becoming to sell complex products to the targeted audience.

Using AI and data analytics, there is no generalization with customers because you can deliver specifics and close more sales.  Sales representatives can only keep track of so many products, solving the problem by simply selling the products they’re familiar with and which aren’t necessarily the best.

Artificial Intelligence, when applied in business can streamline sales activities so that sales reps are able to focus on leads that matter and not waste time on those leads that won’t lead anywhere.    AI will also help with suggesting the right message for the right customers and at the right time. It will suggest what type of content you need to bring into your messages and also what you need to be bringing to the next sales meeting.

AI is able to make recommendations on what information and content is going to have the biggest impact in the meeting. The rep can come armed with details that will be relevant in the sales meeting. With AI, potential leads are sourced from channels such as Google, and with AI you can validate data against a number of sources, helping you collect the most accurate data and be a shining star in the sales meeting.

Non-Biological Intelligence Taking Over

We’re witnessing such huge advances in technology that it is inevitable that all kinds of workers are going to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. In fact experts tell us that by the 2040s, non-biological intelligence will be far, far more capable than biological intelligence. Of course, the promise is that many new jobs will be created as well due to the utilization of AI in business, industry, education and beyond.

Today staff use computers and mobile devices to do business and they’re already familiar with some of the amazing apps available from Google and Apple which have some amazing features such as face and voice recognition.

Your small or large business can access this kind of Artificial Intelligence, and the best aspect is that you don’t need any specific knowledge of AI. There are many ways you can use recognition in an application. APIs such as Google Vision API allow you to easily recognize objects, faces etc in images.

Make Way for Consistent Hard Workers

Yes, artificial intelligence is going to slowly replace humans, and why not? Human beings have been griping about their jobs, wasting time, taking time off and simply downing tools for too long, and AI doesn’t do any of this. But before you get angry about this, let’s also focus on jobs, wealth and peace of mind that machines can bring to us.

One of the concerns about AI replacing humans and bringing an end to our civilization is voiced by Elon Musk who believes we need to merge machines and humans so that humans can keep up with the power, speed and consistency of the machines. Yes we are talking a Borg-like technology – but not the evil one – as shown in Star Trek movies.  His new venture - Neuralink - is all about finding solutions in human-machine interface so humans don’t lose control of the all-powerful machines.

And what about AI effect on marketing?

There are some industries such as marketers that can really benefit from AI, as they no longer have to spend huge amounts of time trying to decipher the preferences of customers.

Instead of spending time deliberating, marketers can be making use of artificial intelligence to do the job. A machine can look at behaviour patterns of customers, and the sales rep can use the information to improve their productivity and cut out all the challenges that hinder efficiency.

Welcome to future! 

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