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Every business wants to be a mover and shaker, but the business world is risky business, and in a competitive world, if you can’t find something different that will help you succeed against all odds, you’re pretty much doomed. Is there some winning combination of tricks or tools that lead almost inevitably to achievement in the business world? If so, what are the secret success formulas that will give you a good chance to survive and come out on top? Every company wants to find ways to generate business, and any business in the 21st century needs to use the most advanced  technologies if they want to increase business efficiency and expand operations.

Without the Right Strategies, Somebody Will Take Your Place 

Every business has to be constantly on the look out for the latest tool so as to advance their business strategy and stay in the game. If they don't somebody will take their place and oust them out of the game. One of the more recent tools to help a business stay afloat is the Periscope, a video streaming and broadcasting service purchased by Twitter in 2015 as a live-streaming app.

Anyone with an iPhone or Android and with 4G enabled devices can broadcast messages or have video conversations, making  messages public. In fact, as a business you can go 'live' anytime you want. What this means is that if you have your station set to 'public', anyone who joins the broadcast can see your live video.

There is also an interactive component where users can 'like' a broadcast, comment live and share stations on Twitter. Once the broadcast is over, before it is removed from the Periscope app, others can replay it for 24 hours.  Your videos are saved automatically to your phone, opening up the opportunity for businesses wanting to advance their strategy and create more videos for viewers. Each of your broadcasts can be saved to your mobile device and can be published and shared online.

A Personalized Way to Connect with Customers

Certainly, if your business is sales, you will know that nothing beats that  personal connection in the sales world. Using an app like Periscope enables you to stream live video feeds to your potential clients and target audience. A login via your Twitter account means you can broadcast live video to the world and get views from anyone who comes across your stream.

Viewers can ask questions or comment during a live Periscope, which is a great platform for small businesses wanting to showcase their products and services and to glean opinions from the public. People are turning to Periscope big time so as to build their brands and drive business. What makes Periscope so appealing is that it is so natural and there aren't any waste-of-time graphical intros - it is simply used to personalize your brand by providing customers an inside look at your business.

A Few Tips to Succeed with Periscope

●Just like any other social media platform, for your broadcast it is important to choose an eye-catching headline. Indicate clearly what  you will be talking about.

There are a few other ways you can set  your business up for success with periscope, and before you begin your broadcast -

●Make sure to put your phone on aeroplane mode so that your broadcast doesn't stop as soon as you receive a phone call.

●People who know periscope well will advise you to invest in a tripod so that the footage isn't jittery or wobbly.

●The fun aspect of periscope is that you can ask people for hearts and shares if they like what you are saying. Viewers can tap anywhere on the screen to give you hearts. Brands can engage with customers over live video streaming and then suggest feedback on their products and services which they can share with other viewers. These reviews made over live video are seen as genuine and this is a perk of periscope for a business - using an app like Periscope to solicit customer feedback.


You're More Accessible

Certainly if your business is wanting a more personalized  way to connect with customers, then they cannot be without the Periscope app, as the live-streaming app gives businesses a quick and easy way to connect and communicate with customers. The app simply allows your business to be ever more accessible to customers, and in the 21st century, this is what customers are demanding. A few ways that business owners have found amazing success with the live-streaming platform are -

●they are able to show how their products are made which strengthens the customer's trust in the product. Because you are live, your audience is connecting with a real person, and its this personal connection which builds the trust factor which encourages people to buy.
●you can build your mailing list and attract more clients to your business, talking about what you do. People will feel inclined to give their email addresses in the comments to sign up. If you're offering special discounts, you can boost sales with exclusive Periscope-only offers. For instance you can create a coupon code for your Periscope community and monitor how often customers use it.
●give a live demo of how your product works - sometimes only video will fully explain how a product works - something that a still photograph can't show. By demonstrating your product on a Periscope broadcast, your customers can see precisely how it works, particularly when you're demonstrating a high-tech product. If you sell software for instance, you can use Periscope to show live tutorials or even conduct live training sessions. You can stream videos with advice and tips on any topic that you believe your viewers will be interested in. Teaching something of value that doesn't require signing up for a course and which is free is a great way for a company to position themselves as an expert in the industry.

hosting an event? Periscope allows people who can't attend an event watch from all over the world You can share live events with your audience and make them part of it. You can  walk around the event and show them whats happening, 'introduce' them to people and allow them to comment.
live Q&A - Periscope is a great way to engage with customers and with live Q&A sessions, frustration is eliminated as customers can ask questions concerning them and have them answered directly.

Its the 'Live' Element that's the Secret to Success

Periscope is all about reaching out to your target audience and engaging with them. It is the live element that makes an app such as Periscope so captivating and a must-have marketing tool for any business that wants to stay ahead in the competitive business world. 

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