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According to DigiFusion Media, companies that do not take advantage of online marketing and search engines lose the potential for significant profit.  Up to 45 percent of online transactions started with the use of a search engine.  Most potential consumers only scan the first couple of links of a search engine meaning companies need to have their company searchable and prominent.  Not only that but all web presence leaves a trail.  With potential customers only scrolling through a couple search engine links, it is vital for companies to make sure the links that come up for their company show favorable information.


Often websites such as yelp, where commenters can review various companies, will be some of the first to come up.  Companies need to keep track of their image on these reviewing platforms to make sure they project a positive image.  If negative reviews do emerge, companies should address these comments directly opening a channel for conversation with the upset party.  This will show other potential customers that the company cares about their image and the happiness of their customers.  


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Public Speaking to Boost Your Brand & Online Reputation

When most people hear the term “public speaking,” their minds immediately run to uncomfortable high school memories, but according to online reputation services guru Koz Khosravani of Digital Fusion Business Services, public speaking is one of the best marketing tools available to new businesses. 

Succeeding as a new business is all about creating brand awareness and establishing your company (or yourself and firm executives) as the best possible option.  By starting a business, you are making a claim to the world that you have something unique and special to offer.  Your biggest challenge is proving that claim to the world.  By becoming a public speaker, in the eyes of your audience, an unbiased source has already vetted you as an expert.  A function needing a speaker, chose you and your business out of all possible options to offer your expertise.  Having a person put their reputation on the line to provide you as a personal recommendation says a lot, imagine how much trust is created when a whole company or organization puts their faith in you.

Public speaking may seem intimidating, but it relies far more on practice than being a naturally outgoing person.  When preparing for a speech, try practicing with your friends and family – people that you trust.  Your business revolves around your passion.  Let it out.  Engage with your friends and see what they seem to respond to best.  Ask for their feedback on how to keep your presentation lively. 

Posture and body language makes a huge difference.  Stand up straight and use your hands to gesture.  People engage with movement so the movement of your hands will attract their attention.  Additionally, use your space fully.  Try to move around the stage.  There is no need to run laps during your presentation, but standing in one spot the whole time may hurt your audiences’ focus.  Alternatively, having a slide presentation that transitions fairly often will offer that kinesthetic engagement without you having to leave your podium.   Slides should only offer key points, graphics, images, or videos that help convey your point.  When slides contain huge blocks of text, audiences either read the text and end up tuning out your speech, or they disengage completely. 

When you have a little personal practice under your belt, it’s time to find venues where you can speak.  As with any marketing strategy for your business, you will need to identify your target audience.  Start with small companies, non-profits, and local organizations that need speakers but do not have the budget to hire big name guests.  These options generally require speaking in front of a much smaller crowd and allow you to become more comfortable speaking in front of strangers.  Businesses may be offering lecture series or retreats and need people to speak on a variety of subjects.  Start by reaching out to likely candidates, giving them an overview of your expertise, a way to contact you, and additional resources such as a link to your website so they can get further information.  Do not just inform them what your company does but offer them a pitch of your presentation on how it will benefit their audience. 

After booking some venues, ask the hosting company about the specific audience.  This will help you further tailor your speech to the clientele.  Great speeches are not advertising pitches.  People love having take-aways – physical or mental.  Your speech should give them tips, advice, or instructions on something relevant to their interests that they can utilize on their own.  Mention your company only to provide examples of how the tips have succeeded for you or while providing your initial introduction and wrap up.  Whereas people will effectively roll their eyes at anything sounding like a huge ad for you company, they will be genuinely interested as using your company as a resource if you just use your speech to provide great content.  Also, always make sure to keep your speech within the designated time frame.  Unless a speaker is truly excellent, no one enjoys being held late waiting for a speech to end.

While getting your company broadcast to the audiences at these speaking events is a main part of the marketing benefits of becoming a public speaker, there are many other marketing benefits too.  The first, namely, is being able to put “public speaker” on your resume.  As many people fear public speaking, and public speaking events seem exclusive, this resume designation will generate significant clout. 

Speaking events also provide perfect opportunities for press releases and blog announcements.  This helps draw attention to your company across a number of social platforms and again boosts your public image.  You can send out email blasts to current clientele making them aware of the upcoming event.  Not only will this look impressive to your current clients, but it will keep them up-to-date to local events on topics relevant to their interests.  Working your way up to better venues, and offering current and prospective clients discounts to your events, will build brand loyalty and attract people hoping for cheaper access to the best events.

Lastly, always make sure to network at your speaking events.  Take time before and after your speech for meet and greets, answering questions, and offering advice.  The number one marketing mistake is to focus on marketing.  Just like in your speech, providing helpful information is the key, not just talking about your product and company.  Listen to the people you speak with and try to help them out.  Then when they ask about your company or product, you can give them a helpful overview and offer them your business card or contact information so they can get more information without being overwhelmed with a full sales pitch.  Also have a signup sheet for your audience where they can leave a bit of information about themselves such as name, email, and why they are attending the event so you can connect with your audience after the speech.  

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