For-Credit Academic Courses Taught

Taught Over 100 For-Credit Courses at Harvard University, UCLA, UCI, UCSD, Denver U.






Harvard University

Teaching Fellow at Harvard University Extension & the Summer School of Arts & Sciences under the supervision of  Harvard's Dr. Henry Leitner

VAX Assembly Language & Systems Programming

M6800 Macro & Micro-computer Architecture

Pascal Programming Language

C Programming Language (Latter part of VAX course)


UCLA, UC-Irvine, UC-San Diego

Taught | as adjunct faculty/lecturer | campus-based for-credit academic courses as well as Custom Corporate Courses taught online & on Corporate site at Boeing, Raytheon, Edison & Other corporations


Networking, Project Management & Online Security

·         E-Business Security Planning and Implementation

·         Networking Essentials

·         Networking Essentials II

·         Overview of Wireless Communication Technology, Protocols, and Programming

·         Overview of Wireless Web Technologies

·         Wireless Networking Essentials

·         Wireless Web Compatible Devices and Platforms

·         Software Project Management

·         Software Project Management using MS Project

          Mobile Applications, Architecture & Design


Back-end Servers, Architecture & Infrastructure

·         Web Server Technologies for Web Professionals

·         Introduction to .NET Enterprise Servers

·         An Overview of Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 and  BizTalk

·         An Overview of Microsoft Internet Information Server  (IIS)

·         An Overview of Windows 2000 Advanced Server for Web and E-Commerce Applications

·         Fundamentals of Microsoft SQL Server Part 1

·         Microsoft .NET Platform Planning and Migration

·         Microsoft .NET Programming and Development

          Developing .Net Solutions with

          Developing .Net Services & Components


E-Business & E-Commerce

·         Building a Robust E-Business Site: Web Architecture and Infrastructure

·         Overview of Back-End Systems for E-Business

·         Building an E-Business: Integrating E-Commerce into Internal Business Operations

·         E-Business Technology Overview for Professionals

·         E-Commerce for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: An Overview

·         E-Commerce Management and Operations for Entrepreneurs

·         E-Commerce Marketing and Promotion for Entrepreneurs

·         E-Commerce Technologies for Entrepreneurs


Web Development

·         Next-Generation Web Development with Microsoft's .NET Enterprise Servers and Tools Developing .NET  

·         Advanced Visual Basic: Database and ActiveX  Programming

·         Advanced Web Site Development with Microsoft Visual  InterDev

·         Beyond HTML: Integrating Web Technologies

          Blog, Podcasting & RSS Architecture

·         Building Web Based Solutions Using ASP.NET

·         Client-Side Application Technologies

·         Creating Dynamic Web Pages with Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP)

·         Fast-Track Webmaster Program (for South American & Chinese Gov’t Delegations)

·         Intermediate XHTML

·         Intermediate XML

·         Web Design and Architecture

·         Web Development with HTML, XHTML and XML

 .        Web Applications with ASP.NET


Programming Languages

·         Server Side Programming with ASP & Visual Studio

·         Developing .NET Solutions with C#

·         Fundamentals of C Programming

·         Fundamentals of C++: Online

·         Intermediate Object Oriented Programming with Microsoft Visual J++

·         Intermediate Visual Basic: Online

·         Java Programming I

          Java Programming Fundamentals

·         Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for Java

·         Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML

          C# For Object-Oriented Programmers

           Intro. to Visual Basic


Open-Source Technologies

·         XML Applications Development

          XHTML I

·         Advanced XML and ASP for Windows-Based E-Business  Applications

·         Using XML for Universal B-to-B Data Exchange

·         Visual Modeling with Integrated Computer Assisted Software Engineering (I-CASE) Tools

          Comprehensive LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP



          Computers in the Classroom

           Software Project Management

          Adavanced Computers in the Classroom

          Microsoft Excel for the Enterprise

          Using Microsoft Access

          Microsoft VBA for programming

          UTSTARCOM Program UCLA: Management of Information Systems

          Instructional Technologies

          Facilitative Tools For Online Teaching

          Internet For Educators