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At our firm, we will help you utilize the immense power of social media marketing! Social media allows us to connect with thousands of prospects in a relatively shorft period of time, and yet, most people underestimate the process. It is one thing to be 'friends' with thousands of people and yet it is another thing to build a deep level of relationship with them! You NEED that level of relation, rapport and trust to market your products and services. 

We will help you design an overall strategy to find targeted groups of prospects on social media and during the 3 months period build rapport, trust and a deep level of relationship. 





Koz's article published on eZineNews - The impact of Social media on every strata of business, industry and on our social engagement has been breathtaking, to say the least. While fringe level business units have cashed in on the unrivaled reach of social media buzz, most corporations shy away from developing a high-level social media strategy that could align their business goals, plans and tactics - by adopting the all pervasive social online tools and technologies. My interactions with business executives at my firm, Web 2.0 Marketing Systems LLC, have brought home the unwelcome truth that there is a consistent lack of coherent social media strategy and macro-level hybrid marketing plans. Most of the current breed of online marketers, have failed to go beyond the LinkedIn, Facebook and the Twitter profiles. The profiles that did not result in almighty dollar!

Well, that makes most of the marketing strategies a part of the crowd - fighting with tens of thousands of other firms in this 'red ocean' for that elusive slice of publicity. That illustrates a very simple tenet of social conversation on the web - without a coherent strategy and change in corporate marketing culture; participation in these social sites can backfire for most of the business enterprises.

Conversation or Monologue...

While single-lane conversations reflect an archaic marketing mindset, many reputed firms are still firmly rooted in the past, when trying to convey a marketing message. The resulting communication chaos and incoherent marketing message is due to the fact that these social sites were designed for two or multi-way communications among multi-layers of audiences. An average corporate prospect in these social sites does not respond favorably to old, one-way, and promotional self proclamations.

In fact, instead of seeing positive results, your firm can generate negative publicity and buzz in these social sites with the added negative consequence of search engines picking up these negative noises about your products and services (see my other article about the new and important field of online reputation management)!

This brings me back to my original focus on a coherent social media strategy which will align all of your business activities, goals and plans to generate a consistently higher ROI for your firm's stakeholders. According to Wikipedia, a strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal. In order to achieve the business enterprise's goal of a desirable ROI, a corporate Social media strategy must encompass all the factors, tools and social network.

The authors of a recent book on social media, The Social Media Bible, propose that you think of your firm's social media strategy as a platform supported by four main pillars. These pillars are communication, collaboration, education and entertainment. So the pertinent questions are-

  • What are you communicating?
  • What are the best methods for collaboration?
  • How do you utilize education to engage with customers and other stakeholders?
  • And how do you use the entertainment factor to gain and keep customers?

A peep into these questions will unravel the fundamental fibers of an effective social media strategy.

Tying the Social media knots...

One of the most vital links in the Social media strategic planning is the ground level understanding of all the tools and techniques prevalent in the social media ecosystem. While we all have heard about social and business networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and micro-blogging sites such as twitter, there are many more market-centric Social networks that have the capacity to catapult your business into the next level - if tapped correctly.

In recent years, it has been observed that any conversation structured around the multi-media social portals like video networking sites, podcasting opportunities, live-casting tools, publishing blogs, PR-focused press releases, and photo sharing web portals have created an unprecedented viral buzz for even unknown business entities. In addition to these viral networks, the traditional community conversation tools like discussion forums, chat rooms and online groups cannot be absent from any effective Social media strategy.

To move forward, your strategic plan must take into account the current buzz in social sites, your selection of tools and tactics to initiate your plans, and to get your employees and customers engaged as your brand and firm ambassadors. Go slow and cover all your bases by simply listening rather than lecturing, while you participate and manicure social media landscape - with the primary goal of being at the 'center of conversation'.

A successful Social media strategy will be a fine blend of a short term micro strategy and a long term hybrid media macro strategy. The next logical step would be the active engagement of all your stakeholders such as employees and customers - By creating an online community where everyone can raise issues, respond to questions and bring out the best solutions by healthy collaboration. You might not like everything you hear from customers (or even honest employees) but you will gain everyone's respect by responding to all issues with honesty, integrity and even humor! In no time, your customers can complement your employees as your best brand ambassadors!


But don't forget that you must still lead the pack! Understanding the market pulse is critical to the conceptualization and execution of a marketing strategy, and as a marketer or business executive, it is indispensable that you listen, absorb feedback, and respect the opinions of all stakeholders. It is important that you lead the discussion in a way that could benefit all prospects rather than an aggressive few - while being on the fence. There is a room for smart leadership even in the wild world of social media. So, as the Nike says, just do it.   Koz Khosravani