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In this interview Koz, the president of our firm, explains the power of video in the area of online marketing and the use various modalities to influence your site visitors. Located at Irvine, Orange County, our firm specializes in utilizing videos to help with all aspects of your marketing.

Koz discussed video search engine optimization and other techniques that would help business professionals to promote their business in both aggressive or subtle ways.


To make sure companies are reaching their target audiences, Koz Khosravani of DigiFusion Media states that video marketing is essential.  A recent report from Adobe showed a 43% increase in online video watching among internet users.  While text articles can struggle to draw audiences in, videos can capture a viewer’s attention within the first second.  According to a study by Usurv in the UK, viewers are much more likely to share, comment, or like a video than a text article.  Shorter videos tend to be more successful with videos of about 15 seconds often being the most shared.  Millennials tend to be the most avid video watchers, making video marketing the perfect way to reach that demographic.    


The Power of Green Screen Video Technology & Changing Customer Perceptions!